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Mixing equipment series

  • ZKH(V) series mixer

    Sketch:Performance characteristicsThe mixing cylinder has a unique structure, high mixing efficiency, no dead corners, the cylinder body is made of stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished, the appearance is beautiful, the mixing is uniform, a…

  • SZH series double cone mixer

    Sketch:Performance characteristics◎This machine transfers powder or granular materials into a double cone container through vacuum conveying or manual feeding. As the container continues to rotate, the materials undergo complex impact motions in the contain…

  • DSH series double spiral cone mixer

    Sketch:product descriptionThe rotation of the screw causes the material to produce compound movement in the cone, which mainly produces four forms of movement:1. The spiral revolves along the wall to make the material move in a circle along the cone wall;2. …

  • EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer

    Sketch:working principleThe two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts: a rotating drum, a swing frame, and a frame. The rotating drum is mounted on a swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two stop wheels. Among the fo…

  • SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer

    Sketch:Performance characteristicsDriven by the drive shaft, the loaded cylinder makes repeated translation, rotation, and tumbling motions to promote the three-way compound movement of the material along the cylinder, thereby realizing the mutual flow, diff…

  • WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer

    Sketch:working principleThis model is composed of a container, spiral mixing blades and transmission components: the spiral blades are generally made of double or triple layers. The outer spiral gathers materials from both sides to the center, and the inner …

  • WZ series non-gravity mixer

    Sketch:working principleThis series of mixers are characterized by strong and efficient mixing. The two horizontal mixers in the horizontal cylinder rotate at equal speeds and counterclockwise. The specially arranged blades ensure that the materials move in …

  • CH series trough mixer

    Sketch:product descriptionUsed for mixing powdery or wet materials to make the main and auxiliary materials in different proportions evenly mixed. Performance characteristics◎The contact between the machine and the material is made of stainless steel. The g…

  • Coulter mixer



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